Bladderwrack Moss Gel
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Bladderwrack Moss Gel

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Our natural therapeutic bladderwrack infused Sea Moss Gel is designed to Thyroid Support, Joint Support, higher energy levels, help reduce pain, strengthens bones.

A great daily nutrient source. Contains many of the essential mineral that comprise the human body like Calcium, Phosphorus, Zinc + Copper.

Sea Moss may address mineral deficiencies that can arise when eating an unbalanced diet.

It cleanses the lymphatic system, stimulates the endocrine system + aids in detoxification.

Harvested from the rocks sea beds of LaCeiba, Honduras

 Pairs well with Spark Plug Capsules

It is a nutrient POWERRHOUSE!

Benefits of Sea Moss Gel:

✖️Rids mucus
✖️High in calcium
✖️Loaded w/ minerals & nutrients
✖️Helps heal the body of ulcers
✖️Increases circulation
✖️Helps w/ acid reflux
✖️Boost mental health
✖️Uplifts mood
✖️Restores joints & tissue health
✖️Supports skin w/ eczema, acne, burns, rashes
✖️Thyroid health
✖️Weight loss
Wildcrafted Gold Sea Moss Gel is an essential part of any health-conscious lifestyle, with its packed lineup of vital minerals and nutrients. It can help promote circulation, support joints and tissues, and even boost mental health. Plus, it's anti-inflammatory properties may help with skin issues. Discover the ultimate wellness powerhouse with Wildcrafted Gold Sea Moss Gel.



Adults: Take 1-3 tablespoons daily Add to tea, smoothies, soup, etc KEEP REFRIGERATED Wildcrafted Gold Sea Moss Gel is a convenient way to fit nutritious ingredients into your daily routine. Its versatility makes it just as easy to incorporate into your morning smoothie as it is to add to your favorite soup or tea. Enjoy the same high-quality protein with every serving and store in the refrigerator for maximum freshness.

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